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Pipefitter - Job Duties

A pipefitter attaches pipes to walls, structures and fixtures, such as radiators or tanks, using brackets, clamps, tools or welding equipment.

Pipefitters measure and mark pipes for cutting, threading and welding. They use specific tools such as saws, cutting torches, pipe threaders, benders, and welders.

Pipefitters plan piping system layouts, installations or repairs according to specifications. They modify, clean, and maintain pipe systems, units, fittings, and related machines and equipment, following specifications using hand and power tools.

Pipefitters remove and replace worn components. They inspect work sites for obstructions and ensure that holes will not cause structural weakness. They also inspect, examine, and test installed systems and pipe lines, using pressure gauge, hydrostatic testing, observation or other methods.

In order to legally work in the state of Oklahoma, a pipefitter must be registered as an apprentice with the state or hold a journeyman license.

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