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Pool of Eligibles - Plumbers and Pipefitters Training Center

Once you have been interviewed, you will be placed on a Pool of Eligible list. As work becomes available in our jurisdiction, we will contact number one on the current Pool of Eligible list and indenture him or her into our Program. If and when additional work becomes available, we will contact number two, number three, and so on in order to meet the demand for apprentices at that time. This means you will only be contacted by our office, if and when, the demand for apprentices is such that we reach your name on the Pool.

Your name will remain on our Pool of Eligible list for two years. However, we conduct interviews two to three times per year. New applicants are merged into the current Pool of Eligible list after each interview session, which could affect your ranking status.

Click here for Plumber eligibles

Click here for Pipefitter eligibles

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